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Wow. I’m in the money!

Posted 31 Jan 2012 — by admin
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What would be your reaction, if one day you wake up, and learn that an amount of money beyond your wildest dreams awaits you to spend, as you please? Might you be the type of person that would immediately jump up and down and scream in a state of wild excitement, or are you the type that would keep an outward state of calm while inwardly jumping up and down and screaming in a state of wild excitement? Psychologists call this reaction, hearing about a pot of money soon to land in your lap, by the scientific name of ‘Exuberance, due to luck.’ A scientific label is necessary, otherwise you’d be accused of being a ranting nut job before the world realized your good fortune. Wouldn’t it be better for you to run around in circles and yell, ‘I’ve got a medical condition called, ‘Exuberance, due to luck.’ Today, everything in life is compartmentalized.

Exuberance can’t last forever. You’re still high, just not as high as you were earlier. So your next reaction is the spoken ‘I can’t believe it’ or the lightheadedness before fainting. ‘Exuberance, due to luck, numero deux’ is the official name. Try not to injure yourself.

The next stage unfortunately requires some effort. That’s hard to believe considering the money that awaits you will transfer you into a new work classification, retirement. In such a state of euphoria, pliers will be needed to reshape your over smiling face back to a normal expression. Or consider using a plastic surgeon.

More downside from euphoria surfaces, and a new formula emerges: Euphoria, due to luck, minus Skepticism. Before, dollar signs played a wishful thinking role in your dreams. Now, the news brought a real number into the open. A number in a dream with many zeros and commas changes from an abstract thought to a reality. But will it happen? Clarity arrives and merging the metaphors of hot money and cold cash will have to wait. Skepticism produces the sweat, the dry mouth. Drinking water won’t help. Getting your hands on the money will cure all ailments.

You’ve reached another stage, and matters must move quickly. State the obvious, ‘Where is the money?’ We need to eliminate the element of uncertainty and get to the equation, ‘I’m exuberant, due to luck. Tell me where the money is located.’ This stage in the process is crucial. Otherwise, all would be recreation knowing no sum of money exists at your disposal. Worse yet, if the Grinch takes away your bonanza, handkerchiefs or paper tissues would be the windfall to prevent the oceans of tears from dripping onto clothing. It’s bad enough to have a ‘hit the jackpot’ bonanza ripped away from you. Getting a nasty cold caused by wearing wet clothes is irrational.

Before running to the bank to claim our fortune, we have overlooked a crucial question that needs an answer. Will the money make you happy? When I receive the money, will I return to a high state of euphoria? The pertinent question begs, if the money runs out, will I still be happy? Hopefully, you can say, I spent all the money on gimcracks. It was a hell of a run.

Stay tuned for the next installment: ‘Who are the fortunate recipients and how did they earn the claim to the good fortune?’