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The Greatest Experience

Posted 31 Oct 2010 — by admin
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My greatest experience began the 8th day after the birth of a grandson. It was an extraordinary day to start, given the ceremonial celebration about to happen. But, an even greater extraordinary day awaited without my knowledge. No future date on a calendar would attach to commemorate what was about to happen: the leap from a finance professional to spiritual savior. It counted in seconds. My services as a faith healer, if needed, would be available to those requiring a surrogate to speak directly with God, until nightfall.

Early that day, sitting in Elijah’s chair, I held my grandson in my arms, as he was circumcised. What followed, simply put, was astonishing and amazing. After the Rabbi preformed the ritual, he told me the importance of my role, as the sayndich. I held the child during the ceremony, with God witnessing everything from above: my commitment to faith, my character, my bonding with the child, and my steady hands. The Rabbi said I was granted permission to speak directly with God. Presumably, the Rabbi heard God tell him I possessed character and handed me the responsibility.

It’s amazing when you consider my religious training, by comparison, being virtually non-existent, with other religious persons. Piano players become good because they practice. If you don’t practice, nobody knows your name. Not so in my circumstance. I overcame my weak credentials and rose to the highest level of spiritual intervention between humans and God. The honor reserved only for the very pious and devout was achieved with no effort. Religious people study Talmud and live whole lives by its principles. It takes many years of study and devotion to reach such a high level of spiritual essence. Some work with devotion and never reach the pinnacle. But, if one is lucky enough to learn and gain an extraordinary amount of knowledge and understanding, its persona magnetizes people to seek out such persons. Who else but the creme de la creme should speak with God?

The importance and responsibilities of being a faith healer were no laughing matter. Imagine, someone asking you for divine intervention for a sick family member. I reached deep into my soul to find the right words. Besides help for illness, infertile persons or unmarried children seeking spouses came forward for supplication. Good people with hurt expressions needed consolation with gaping holes in their lives. Tears sealed any doubt of my role, and purpose and tears from those requesting a blessing relinquished any doubt of sincerity.

I was staggered by the number of people waiting to ask for help. A quick glance counted about twenty. Every person in line, when their turn came, counted on me to speak with God in an authentic and purposeful way. How’s that: an extraordinary day turned even more extraordinary. As evening approached, knowing my powers would soon end, I reflected on my special day. I hoped God intervened because I asked. The reward I wanted was to remember the inner satisfaction I experienced by helping. As to the exact date, I don’t recall.

When Looking in the Mirror Becomes the Only View

Posted 23 Aug 2010 — by admin
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As we get older, our youthful looks, our strengths, sag in a slow spiral. The truism of life states sagging chins and stomachs are set in stone, etched alongside the law of gravity. No puns intended. The law of gravity cannot be challenged; it is a bedrock of physics. Our aging law happens with variety—not all chins sag the same way. What is sure is that growing old won’t be pretty looking in a mirror.

Knowing tomorrow will not surprise us, we only wonder what remnants of today will remain. Hair will gray or recede, faces will wrinkle, chins will drop, gum lines will recede, breasts will droop. They may find a happy home resting on a sagging overfed stomach. Our remedy is to stay in shape with exercise or commit to plastic surgery. To do nothing, to vegetate, invites scorn from family or friends. I suggest a no-calorie effort: botox injections.

Prescribed pills or medications find a home inside our chemistry. Most notable in the march of physical decline is our sexual functions. Our vigorous days overfilled with hormonal adventure eventually reaches empty. There are no refueling stations. If we want, what better way to inducing sadness or depression is there than looking in the mirror. Tears flow until we need to replenish with artificial tear drops.

Enough of our personal physical evolutionary. Will the same be said of our abilities and our minds? Will they sag and forsake us? Read More