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Our Jewish Robot Future:
A Novel about the Garden of Eden
and the Cyborgian Transformation
of the Human Race

This witty novel visits a story set back in the Garden of Eden and questions the absence of an 11th commandment: Thou shall not nosh thy brother. Margarita Haralson, a post-menopausal housewife determined to become pregnant because of her children’s refusal to give her grandchildren, narrates the story to her newborn child.

The story begins when Margarita’s mock-heroic husband, Alex, finds himself embroiled with a tribe of wacky Jewish robotic cyborgs. Desperate to survive into a future Margarita and Alex already inhabit, the robots send Alex away to a parallel world far in the future where he visits the Garden of Eden.

Margarita and Alex learn that the robots are their direct descendants whose existence is threatened if Margarita and Alex’s children do not procreate. Ancestral glory awaits for their family only if a new Haralson child is born to provide a link to a promising future.

Our Jewish Robot Future has a clever biblical subtext that will amuse and entertain all readers. This is a must read for anyone curious for an alternative, comedic take on human survival and Jewish family relations. Includes a glossary of terms.

ISBN 978-0-9824584-1-9 (tr)

E-book ISBN: 978-0-9824584-2-6

Trade paper, 6 x 9 inches, 280 pages
Price $14.95 (US)
Publisher Scarletta Press, an imprint of Scarletta

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