What inspired me to write about ‘Our Jewish Robot Future’

Writing a book was the last thing on my mind finishing graduate school. My goal was to give back time to the community by teaching religious studies. A good public servant aspired to teach, without seeking to better his resume. I was qualified and prepared to proceed. Ideas how to teach effectively, flowed in my head, as a masterpiece. Students hearing the driving words I’d proclaim in history, philosophy, and literature would absorb and apply needed lifetime information. In addition, a veritable storehouse of knowledge from my lifetime of experience would be accessed.

I hoped to inspire the students to seek life’s higher values, hoping they would pursue them with enthusiasm. I imagined parents calling the school telling the administration the improvement I made in their children’s lives. Alas, connecting with students proved difficult to nonexistent. My tenure lasted two years. The letdown was analogous to seeing a plane crash and burn. Students carried the boredom from home into the classroom. It was unmistakable. Their faces projected, I don’t care what you’re teaching. Can’t I go home to nap and watch TV?

Some of the baggage carried to the classroom and expressed consisted of bigoted remarks. Laughter ensued and I needed to throw a cold bucket of water on the pervading tone. I much preferred a corporeal bop on the head. Diffusing a situation with strong words was the only method allowed. Being good at being a one minute manager, I told the student sternly such remarks weren’t tolerated, anytime or anywhere. The air temporarily thickened, however, the incident didn’t end. When class dismissed, the response from some students was my remarks were considered an insult rather than discipline or a forewarning. They planned to tell their parents what happened at home. The intent to have me fired was clear. I didn’t wait for any possible talk about dismissal. I went to the director, well before the end of the school year, and said I would not be returning in the fall and wished the school success.

So, my future plans needed a redirection. Writing became the clear choice and I had a subject: The sin of Adam and Eve. It fascinated me many years. I studied and thought the subject’s many possibilities. I took a huge step. In undergraduate school, literature bored me. I was driven to a business career. Screw Shakespeare, screw writing complete and meaningful sentences, and screw the paragraphs flowing in a conjunctive format. Give me my accounting degree. Years later at the time of change, I asked, What am I doing? Why am I trying to start a career in writing? Who am I kidding? English was foreign.

I began to learn by attended workshops to learn fundamentals. Mediocre and incestuous described the hometown sessions. They failed me because classmates talked too much about local sports teams. In time, I went to Iowa City, met instructors who taught in Universities outside Michigan. Classmates from all over attended. Classroom discussion and bull sessions were about writing. The challenge excited me. The interest in writing blossomed.

I pursued my novel’s topic. Did anyone ever think about why eating was the first sin in the Bible? In the Garden of Eden story, all allegories focused on the consequences and choices in life from eating. But why eating? The biblical authors had options about what were evil actions. What was the evil about eating? Couldn’t it have been about kicking up dust?

When I spoke around about my ideas, the responses were all, ‘What are you talking about?’ I chuckled knowing my idea was original and worth pursuing. I had no competition. I walked with inspiration. I only needed to write the story.


  1. Stephanie Digby

    Not about Margarita.
    Could not find a contact link, so some thoughts about My Jewish Robot Future.
    Have you thought that if Alex ate a free-range chicken, that would be cannibalism as would eating trout and probably salmon..think about what these animals eat including: Ticks. mosquitoes. Herbivores such as cows will obviously eat the occasional tick also. Many animals that are hebivores will eat the occasional dead small animal and what has that animal been feeding on? Becoming a robot does seem the only option or becoming a vegan.

  2. Stephanie. It’s been a long time in responding to you, but a full post has been devoted to responding to your comment. Please check it out here

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